Dave Chappelle Booed During A Stand-Up Show In Detroit

Dave Chappelle Booed During A Stand-Up Show In Detroit

New video has emerged showing comedian Dave Chappelle facing a very angry crowd after appearing for his stand-up set in his comeback tour in Detroit drunk and slurring words.

While in Detroit, the comedian played two shows at Detroit’s Fillmore Theater, one of them, which took place on Thursday, went down without a hitch in fact reviews of the show showed that indeed the comedian gave out a good performance. That said, Chappelle’s second show did not go as planned. TMZ, citing sources who are familiar with the matter are reporting that Chappelle arrived very late for his second show and spent most of the set just slurring and rambling words rather than telling jokes.

According to TMZ, the crowd got relentless and irritated by Chappelle’s behavior. One of the fan who was in the crowd yelled, “Let’s hear some of the act!” Not to be outdone, the famed comedian stating that, “Well, sir, it’s a little late for that. Right now, I’ve got to get off the stage because 2 o’clock in the morning.”

Heather Becker, another fan who was disappointed by Chappelle’s behavior said that the whole event, “Horrible don’t go,” she wrote adding that, “the second show last night was ridiculous. Walked out. Did not get what I paid for….. refunds please!”

Another fan of Dave Chappelle who also graced the event was Tony Harder, and according to him they should be given a refund.

“Can we get a refund lol was at the 2nd show and he was wasted lol crowd wouldn’t shut the fuck up,” Harder joked.