Corey white Scoops Best New Comer Award During Melbourne Comedy Festival

Corey white Scoops Best New Comer Award During Melbourne Comedy Festival

This year’s best new comer award during Melbourne’s comedy festival went to Corey White who is known for his childhood hardship.

White had a very troubled lifestyle after she grew up with a mother who was a drug addict and father who was alcoholic and violent. Despite the tough environment, White never gave up on her dream of becoming a comedian and she used her troubled lifestyle while growing up as a kid and turned it to what we know call comedy.

White was humbled with the recognition that she was given, promising her fans that there is more to come in the near future.

Other winners during the event included Australian comedian Sam Simmon who claimed the event’s Barry Award for the best show of the Melbourne International Comedy festival. Simmon is known for his weird behavior which for some reason makes him famous and successful too. He admits that his brand of comedy is not for everyone. “Still to this day, I get walkouts. Tonight I had a walkout, you can’t please everyone and that’s a good thing”, he said.

Simmon is known for his live performances, as well as his performance on Triple J and also his short, lived ABC TV series Problems. Simmon was nominated for the top award at the Edinburgh Fringe last year; Debbie Cuthbertson described his winning for, spaghetti for breakfast, as a fascinating view inside the performers’ head.

This year was not only good for Simmon but also to other performers like Domain Power and Steen Raskopoulos. They made their debuts two years ago and were nominated for the Barry award. Triple’s J Matt Okine who took the best new comer award in 2012 won the director’s choice award.