Cases Against Comedian Bill Cosby Growing in Number

Cases Against Comedian Bill Cosby Growing in Number

Adding to Cosby’s growing list of women who have accused him of sexually abusing them, Kristina Ruehli, a 71-year-old grandmother in New Hampshire, told she was a secretary at Artists Agency in Beverly Hills in 1965, when Cosby walked into the office and invited her to a party.

Ruehlii recalled that the impromptu invitation to Cosby's home didn't faze her. "The agency was a very social place." She arrived at Cosby's home around 10 p.m. and discovered she was the only guest.

Ruehli said Cosby told her his wife was out of town and proceeded to pour some drinks. After two "bourbon-and-7s," Ruehli said she didn't remember much besides walking around Cosby's pool and into an adjacent bedroom.

"At that age, two bourbon-and-7s would not have knocked me out cold, believe me. “

"He must have drugged me," she told. "There is just one point at which I was having a drink and feeling normal and the next I was somehow passed out completely. He must have slipped something into my drink. It's the only way to go lights-out like that."

When Ruehli regained consciousness, she said she was in the bed. She said that Cosby tried to get her to have oral sex with him but she had regained consciousness, "and it never went past that. I immediately came to and was immediately very sick. I pushed myself away and ran to the bathroom and threw up. I was feeling really ill. And I never got sick like that from alcohol, at least not that small of an amount. Once I threw up — it was five in the morning by now, I think — I left the bathroom and he wasn't there. I don't know where he went. But I left right away. I was able to drive myself home. I didn't live that far away," Ruehli told the magazine.

She never saw Cosby again and didn't tell anyone what happened "for a long time. I didn't want to bring it up. I was embarrassed."

Cosby has denied allegations of assault through statements from his reps and attorneys. The controversy has led to NBC canceling a planned series with the comedian and Netflix postponing a comedy special. TV Land has stopped airing reruns of The Cosby Show.