11 Subtle Yet Funny Pranks to Pull on Your Girlfriend

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In the relationship between a guy and a girl, it is very important to laugh a lot and be friends, and not just a couple in love. Funny jokes and pranks are the best way to add something new to the relationship, diversify them, and couples become even closer to each other. That’s why many guys think about how to prank their Best Single aries women from Ukraine for dating.

Humor is a quality inherent only to people. It makes our life better, helps overcome difficult situations, after all, it is just good for our health! It has long been known: in other circumstances, laughter is good medicine. And jokes are an integral part of the humor. Many guys like to make fun of girls. But jokes can be also different. And some things are hardly permissible even in communication with loved ones. So, to what extent can you make fun of a girl, so as not to offend her and not bring the matter to a breakup?

How to do it right?

Before you start your prank, you need to study her character, find out what she loves and what she refers to as negative. Indeed, some women like jokes and someone considers this a bad attitude and disrespect for people.

  • First of all, remember it firmly: no jokes about the life or health of her family and friends! Alas, seemingly normal, clever men may in a sorrowful voice declare something like this to their girlfriends: “Don’t worry. Your mom was hit by the car!” Such jokes are forbidden!
  • Pranks about real or imaginary imperfections in appearance, and even more so, some physiological characteristics of the female body, should also be avoided. Even if there is at least some flaw on her body, you shouldn’t do this. Don’t say that girls from Russia video chat sites look better than her. No need to joke about her makeup because the girls are trying to do everything to look even more attractive. Remember that women are very sensitive to everything that is associated with external attractiveness.
  • A trifle, to which a guy doesn’t even pay attention, can cause severe suffering, depression in a girl. Well, some days of many girls are very difficult, causing them a lot of physical and moral inconvenience, so any joke about this can enrage. And, honestly, a girl can’t be blamed for this!
  • Don’t call from a hospital or morgue to identify a close relative. These are very cruel pranks that can lead to the saddest consequences.
  • Don’t send a message as if you had an accident or were kidnapped. Such pranks can also end badly. In attempts to help you as soon as possible, your woman herself may get into an accident.
  • In addition, never joke with a woman who has a sick heart. Why harm a person? Of course, you will not be able to predict how a woman will react to your innocent joke because she may simply not have a good mood. However, don’t use knowingly too evil or dangerous pranks.
  • Don’t make jokes about her ex-boyfriends, even if you don’t like them. A girl will protect them on a subconscious level, and you can quarrel because of this.
  • Remember the old wise rule: “Everything is good in moderation.” A joke shouldn’t offend and cause moral trauma. After your prank, a girl should want to sincerely laugh, not cry.
  • And most importantly – smile. After a while, the girl will no longer be able to remain gloomy, seeing your perky facial expression and will smile back. Don’t be afraid of failure. If positive energy comes from you, a woman will definitely feel it.

Not all men have a great sense of humor. But everything can be learned. Start small, and the ability to cheer a girl up and bring a sincere smile on her face will certainly come with experience. Even if you couldn’t raise her mood this time, don’t be discouraged. Analyze the situation, and joke differently next time.

Ideas of Funny Pranks

The reasons why you want to prank a girl can be very diverse. Asking the question of how to prank a girl, you need to clearly understand what kind of reaction she will have on this or that joke. All girls have a different sense of humor, and this feeling is very different from men’s. So, consider these 11 harmless ideas:

  1. Pour starch in a hairdryer

Girls pay a lot of attention to their appearance. But still, some can appreciate your jokes and make fun of it. Pour flour or starch into a hairdryer, with which she dries hair every morning. The same can be done with the ventilation system in the car. Just keep in mind that you will most likely have to clean everything after such a joke.

  • Say that she has a cockroach in her hair

Almost any girl is afraid of insects. Approach quietly to her and shout: “You have a cockroach on your hair!” But be ready for loud screaming. Or buy a plastic spider and fix it under the ceiling or in another place where your woman will certainly look.

  • Make soap that doesn’t foam

For this, you will need a piece of soap, which is usually used by the girl and colorless nail polish. After taking the soap, carefully cover it with nail polish and let it dry. Return soap to its place and just wait for the moment when the girl decides to use it. Then watch how unsuccessfully she tries to soap her hands. Have a good laugh together.

  • Make her a gift

Buy the box for your present and pack it beautifully (no matter how small the gift is). Place the gift box in a slightly larger box. So that it doesn’t flounder inside a large box, fill free space with paper. Then beautifully pack a large box. And put it in an even larger box. You can repeat this procedure until you run out of boxes or you get tired of packing them beautifully. Give a present to the girl, and watch how she gets to the last one.

  • Prepare fake scrambled eggs

To do this, you need to buy canned apricots and yogurt. In the morning, you need to inform your loved one that you are going to the kitchen to cook breakfast. On a plate, you need to pour yogurt, and put a piece of apricot in the center. Sprinkle improvisation with herbs and bring it directly to bed. Your woman will definitely be surprised and appreciate your culinary talent. To be more convincing, you can actually start frying eggs, but only for yourself. The smell of breakfast will not make the girl doubt it.

  • Put the broth in the showerhead

This is another harmless way to prank a girl. Everything is simple, but the girl shouldn’t late for work because of this. At night, while your loved one is sleeping, you need to get into the bathroom, grind the cube of broth into powder and pour the mixture into the showerhead. In the morning, the woman will be amazed why the water smells like chicken or beef broth, and the body is covered with an oily substance.

  • Make a strange air freshener

On the Internet, you can order an air freshener with the aroma of food, for example, with the smell of bacon or smoked beef. Stick a label from the air freshener that your woman usually uses on it. The unusual smell will surely surprise her. 

  • Set the clocks ahead

If your girlfriend is very punctual and never late, then you can prank her very easily – set the clock 1 hour ahead. When she wakes up and sees that has no time left, she will begin to hurry to get ready, and you can watch this with pleasure. Of course, when she finds out that she got into such trouble because of you, and you will have to come up with an urgent way to make amends. Therefore, buy a bouquet in advance for her so that she has a good mood.

  • Change her slippers

Does your loved one have favorite slippers? Excellent! This is a good option for the prank. Go to the store and buy exactly the same slippers but 2 sizes smaller or, conversely, larger. Put a new pair of favorite shoes under the bed while she sleeps. It will be a very fun morning!

  1. Prank with a thread

Pull the ordinary long thread over the sheet and wait for your sweetheart to go to bed. As soon as she does it, pull this thread out from under her, but do it very slowly, so that she thinks that something is crawling on her. She will get scared and jump out of bed, shaking off a non-existent spider.

  1. Eat fake washing powder

While your girlfriend is eating something delicious, go to the kitchen with a box of washing powder. Take a spoon and start eating it. Your girlfriend will be very surprised, watching this process. Pour out the washing powder in advance, and pour in powdered milk, for example. By the way, it is quite tasty.

Your jokes and pranks shouldn’t be cynical, vile, or evil. You both have to have fun. So, you have to try to smooth out the conflict as much as possible with a romantic date, a bottle of champagne or a bouquet. After all, girls are gentle creatures who don’t deserve a bad attitude.

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