11 Coolest Pranks to Pull on Your Girlfriend

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Why then do you need friends if you can’t have fun at their expense from time to time. Pranking friends is a great way to let off steam and show them in a comic form that you love them. It’s also a good way to take revenge on them if they did something to irritate you! If you love making pranks, then you should not stop yourself from doing them to your friends, you can make a prank on your Best Single aquarius women from Ukraine for dating.

  1. Scare her with scary sounds in the middle of the night.

This is great for pajama parties. Wait until it gets dark and becomes quiet enough, and people begin to prepare for bed. Pretend that you need to urgently run home for a forgotten thing. Then slip quietly to where your girlfriend can hear you but not see you. Start making creepy but still quiet sounds. For example, you can scrape a wall and breathe loudly. Start very quietly, but gradually make it louder until your girlfriend shakes with fear in her bed! Finish your trick with a sudden stop with sounds and slip out of your secret place. Proceed back in the room a few minutes later and act as if nothing had happened.

  • When you are in nature, “get lost,” and then surprise them.

This is probably the oldest trick. It can be stated with accuracy that people played others in this way before the rise of civilization. Nevertheless, with the right scenario, it is simple, easy and effective today as well as then. When you are walking with a girl (preferably in the forest, but any place where you can hide is suitable), leave her a little. Slowly and calmly return and hide behind a tree or stone. Soon she will notice that you are not, and, in a successful scenario, will begin to search for you. When she gets close to you, jump out screaming to scare her. That’s all!

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  • Disguise yourself as a piece of furniture.

No one expects that their furniture will suddenly come to life when they use it, thus, this prank will surely be memorable. However, it requires a lot of effort and some sewing and carpentry skills. The main idea is that you need to modify the chair so that you can sit inside it – that is, your legs should touch the floor and your hands should rest on the armrests, the upper part of your body should be in the upholstery behind the chair. When your girlfriend sits down in a chair, wait a couple of minutes, and then start moving. Each time you will receive a delightful reaction: confusion mixed with pure horror!

  • Make onions with caramel.

Caramelized apples are a great treat. And caramel apples will be a good joke over loved ones, but instead of apples, you can make onions in caramel. Someone from your family will bite an apple, anticipating its taste, and there will be onions! If you liked this joke, you need to make caramel apples according to the following recipe: Buy 400 g of caramel candies in a wrapper, some milk, onions and popsicle sticks. Onions must be the same size and the same shape as apples! It will be necessary to peel the onion. Take a knife and slightly cut the onion on top, giving it a rounded apple shape. Remove the caramel candies from the wrappers and pour them into a container. Add two tablespoons of milk and put in the microwave for 2 minutes (after a minute, stop the microwave and stir, then continue). Leave the resulting mixture to cool for a few minutes, and then dip each onion in caramel. Now you can simply put the resulting “apples” on a plate and put it where your loved ones will definitely see this treat. Or serve this dessert after dinner.

  • Make a few holes in a plastic water bottle and refrigerate it.

Having made small holes in the bottle, you will make a trap for your girlfriend, because she does not suspect anything! You can leave this trap in the refrigerator for someone to find there. Take a plastic water bottle. Hold it over the sink, take the needle and make holes in it. A little water will pour out through the holes, it will need to be wiped with a towel. The water bottle should be refrigerated. When someone wants to take a bottle, due to hand pressure, water will begin to spray through holes throughout the kitchen. In addition, this same joke can be done with a bottle of soda, juice and any other liquid.

  • Replace chips in a bag with something else.

In fact, you can come up with a lot of jokes with substitution. When a person expects to see or try one thing, but it turns out completely different. One of these jokes may be replacing the contents in the packaging of chips. Wake up early in the morning. Take out the pre-packaged chips. Gently and slowly open the packaging along the seam, be careful not to tear the packaging. Throw the chips into the trash or eat them. Put some healthy snacks in the package. Dried fruits or cabbage chips are a good idea. As soon as you fill the package, apply a little glue along the seam. Seal the packaging and wait for the glue to dry. Then place the packaging in a conspicuous place.

  • Serve your loved ones with fried eggs made from yogurt and canned peaches.

If you usually cook breakfast for the whole family, such fake fried eggs can be a great joke. You can take yogurt and peaches and lay them out so that it looks like a real fried egg – this will definitely surprise your girlfriend when she goes in to try a piece. Put a little ordinary white yogurt in a frying pan, then place a canned peach in the center, laying it out so that it looks like a yolk. Now it remains only to serve this breakfast to someone close to you! Keep in mind that if you don’t usually cook breakfast, your family may expect you to play them on April 1st.

  • Joke with seasonings.

For example, the simplest joke would be replacing labels on jars of condiments. Your girlfriend will be simply shocked because she expects one thing, but in reality, she will see a completely different one! This can be done in the early morning when no one has yet woken up. You can specifically stand in the middle of the night and change labels on jars of seasonings. A great idea would be to replace the labels on the jars of those condiments that look almost the same. Thus, no one will notice the seasoning substitution until she begins to eat. For example, you can pour mayonnaise into a jar of whipped cream. Hot chili sauce can be placed in a ketchup jar.

  • Change the settings on your mobile phone.

Changing the basic settings on the phone of a family member can be a great joke. We’ll have to wait until one of your loved ones leaves the phone unattended. This will be your opportunity to change your phone settings. If you know where your loved ones put their phone at night, you can safely make this joke at night. In addition, you can quickly take the phone that someone left on the table. You need to act quickly in order to manage to change the settings before you get caught. Change the language settings. For example, you can change the language to Spanish or French so that the owner of the phone cannot read the menu of her phone.

  1. Mess with her alarm clock.

You can try to make a prank by using her clock. If you move them an hour earlier, she (and potentially all of her relatives) will wake up, begin to get ready for work or school, and only then will she realize that she left an hour earlier. You will have to get up in the middle of the night and set the clock in the house an hour ahead. This joke will work best with parents and grandparents because teens are usually time-oriented on mobile phones. Usually, the time on the mobile phone is set automatically, and it is difficult to change it manually.


Work on your unflappable look so that you can restrain the laughter and your prank takes place without a hitch.

Never play the same prank on a person twice – they are not so stupid as to fall for it twice!

Avoid any potentially dangerous rallies that could be interpreted as harassment, hostility, racism or those that are unkind in intentions and/or results.

Make sure that your joke does not hurt any of your loved ones or cause them physical harm.

Place bubble wrap around the bed. When your girlfriend wakes up and is about to stand up, she will be very surprised.

If you do not want to hang a bucket of water over the door, hang something soft (such as pillows), then stand at the other end of the room and call for help.

Attach a piece of transparent tape to the tap. When she turns on the tap, she will get a blast of water right in her face.

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