Yahoo NewFront Touts New News, Music & Comedy Offerings

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Early Tuesday morning, Yahoo kicked off their new week in NYC by increasing their efforts in blurring, if not erasing, the thin line that is between online and TV programming.

According to yahoo’s sales SVP, Lisa Utzschneider, the introduction of new premium videos will help advertisers to, “meet business objectives – whether they want to buy a show, buy a channel or buy an audience segment.”

“We know that advertisers want to tap into premium video content that connects them with engaged audiences across devices, and they also want to buy video ads programmatically,” she said.

Yahoo has three brackets for all its videos and those are Yahoo Digital, Yahoo Live and Yahoo Originals.

Under Yahoo Digital viewers will be able to view a variety of Yahoo’s Digital Magazines which, according to Yahoo, are slowly “evolving to become full digital video channels.” Yahoo has also indicated that it will be adding an extra 14 video series so as to make the total be 47.

With Yahoo live viewers will be able to see Cowell’s DJ competition show and as its the case with American Idol, viewers will be able to vote for the best DJ. Other shows which will be able to see include, Yahoo’s live coverage of Live Nation and iHeartRadio festival. In addition to that, they will also be live news and a business show which will be hosted by Couric and Andy Serwer respectively.

Yahoo Original will feature new comedy series, The Pursuit, an interesting comedy that Yahoo describes as a “21st century take on Friends in the era of social media.”

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