Amy Schumer – A New Female Comedian Is On The Rise

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Amy Schumer is passing some of the greatest comedians in history. Some of the greatest comedians only reached the level of stand-up comedy, but Schumer has done stand-up comedy, she has been in a television, show, and she has now been hired to write a movie. She has worked with some big names like Chris Rock and Judd Apatow, but she will now be a big name herself. 

The movie she is writing will contain the help of her sister and a few other collaborators. Schumer plans to put her all into this movie. Sources tell us that this movie is going to be based on a mother and a daughter. They love each other but argue just like mothers and daughters do.

The mother and daughter in this movie decide to take a vacation. The ride is great, and they are happy to get away. When they get there, however, everything becomes screwed up. They realize the plans they both had different plans for this vacation, and they do all they can to push each other’s buttons. This movie is expected to feature some amazing starts, too. 

This movie is also expected to be the funniest movie of the year. It is also expected to include tears, emotions, and contain great lessons on life, too. People all over the world cannot wait for this movie to come into theaters. Even Hollywood is in anticipation of this movie. There is no one like Amy Schumer. This is why critics believe this movie is going to be one of a kind. 

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