Article Title: Hannibal Buress calls heckler ‘social terrorist’

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On the heels of a great show at Comedy Central’s Roast of Justin Bieber, Hannibal Buress has just put out a video.
The video contains footage of Buress verbally destroying a heckler during his show.

The show was at the Grand Opera House in Wilmington, Delaware.

The heckler allegedly continued to scream and interrupt Buress throughout his routine.

Buress initially screamed that he was sick of the heckler, and that it was time for him to leave.  He scolded the patron by saying that he couldn’t hold his liquor, and said that he would hope the guy was drunk, that being better than a sober moron.

Buress remained calm and in control and kept the assault tongue in cheek for the rest of the crowd.

He even tried to psychoanalyst a heckler.  Saying that they pay money to watch you perform, and then try to undermine you.

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