Weird and funny things you didn’t know about London

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England is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and along with that London is one of the most popular and amazing cities in the world.
We all knows that British people are little bit peculiar and awkward, so it is no surprise that we’ve discovered some strange and funny things about London, and once you read them you will not know whether to laugh or to cry.

– For example one woman was found dead on her couch back in 2011. Now when you see this you wouldn’t think that there is something strange about that case.
Well we “forgot” to mention that she was found almost three years after her death. Since no one knew that she died, she has still received a bunch of mail and her TV was still on.
– So you think that driving a cab is easy? Think twice. If you live in London, you cannot get their taxi license so easily.
You need to know every part and street of London otherwise you will not get it. And for that knowledge you need approximately two to four years. Not easy we say.
– Maybe some of you don’t know but London prohibited drinking on public transportation, back in 2008.

So that’s why people have decided to drink on public transport for hours, one day before that decision.
– In London you can buy an expensive burger that costs 200 dollars. It is made with white truffles, Cristal champagne onion straws, Wagyu Beef and Pata Negra.
You can buy it only once in a week, and money from the sales goes to charity. Very nice idea we must admit.

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