Jen Grant Is Not Telling Jokes Today

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Jen Grant is back on stage after taking a break from her comedy career. However, there is one subject she is not joking about, and that is sexual harassment. Jen never really cared about people joking about sexual harassment. However, Jen had a recent incident where a comedian made a joke about her in a sexual way. 

At this moment, Jen was very upset. She felt like going after the comedian, but she just decided to leave the establishment instead; this was probably her best move. 

Jen was on stage doing comedy not too long after that. She thought about telling the audience what happened to her, but then she changed her mind. She believes the issue of sexual harassment should not even be brought up on stage at all. 

She recently told the press that she would never tell her own story on stage never mind making fun of someone else in a sexual way. She also wanted to remind people who there are suicide deaths every year due to sexual harassment. She believes comedians can find other things to talk about. 

Other comedians have commented on this issue, and they agree with Jen. These comedians also stated that this must be blamed on the movie industry, too. This is because there are many movies that have scenes in comedy clubs where the comedians perform sexual harassment jokes. The comedians who spoke up believe this is where the initial idea of sexual harassment joking comes from in the first place. There will be more on this story in a couple of days. 

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