Adam Sandler Still Award-Worthy And Highly Paid

Adam Sandler Still Award-Worthy And Highly Paid

The People's Choice Awards show on January 7th brought the best in movies, television, and music together for a night of fun, support, and praise. Among the winners was comedy veteran Adam Sandler, who won the award for Favorite Comedic Movie Actor.

The actor, who has starred in movie blockbusters as well as flops, graced the stage as People's Choice carried out its 41st show. This was Sandler's ninth win for Favorite Comedic Movie Actor, and most fans cherish his roles in hits such as Billy Madison and The Wedding Singer.

According to Forbes' Magazine, Sandler is on the list of this year's Top 10 Most Over-Paid actors. In fact, he tops the list again, the second time in two years. Forbes looks at the three most recent movies actors starred in and do a comparison of the combined gross total of the films with the actor's combined paychecks. This gives the Forbes' analysts a figure that shows the returned investment to the actors.

Using this model, Forbes' determined that Sandler returned about $3.20 for each dollar that was paid for him. The results reflect the actor's recent struggles at the box office. Despite the comedic chops of Sandler and Drew Barrymore, who starred with the actor, their film Blended did not do well with viewers.

Even with his recurring title as Most Over-Paid Actor, Sandler seems to have tons of adoring and supportive fans, as he walked away from The People's Choice Award with a shiny trophy in hand.